Musical Directors

Senior Band – David Clark

David Clark

Born in Northumberland and trained at Bede College, Durham, David Clark taught in middle, special and secondary schools. For 13 years he was Head of Creative Arts and Director of Music at a local comprehensive school and Principal of Southend Music School. He was then appointed 14-19 Strategy Manager for Southend schools, followed by seven years working as a self-employed consultant, managing educational projects.

David is an experienced Musical Director who works with a range of bands and choirs. For 23 years he was the Musical Director of Leigh Orpheus Male Voice Choir, building their membership from 30 to 130. Currently he directs Southend Wind Orchestra, Southend Band, The Da Capo Singers and the 130-strong Orpheus Singers.

Community Band – Jennifer Wilkinson

Jennifer Wilkinson

Growing up in Yorkshire, Jenny comes from a strong brass band heritage and has been playing in brass bands since the age of six. She studied for her degree in Music at the University of Nottingham and also spent time at the Schulich School of Music at McGill University in Montréal, specialising in voice. Jenny studied conducting under Sarah Tenant-Flowers and Alain Cazes and has played in and conducted a number of bands around London and the UK.

Alongside the Community Band, Jenny plays tenor horn in LMB’s Senior Band and leads the eight-week Learners’ Course. She also sings with the Purcell Singers, one of London’s premier chamber choirs. She is passionate about community music education and the power of music as a tool for social mobility.

Beginners band – London Metropolitan Brass are appointing a new director !

London Metropolitan Brass Beginners Band are in the process of appointing a new director – when this process is finalised, the new director will be announced!